Relish Online

Relish Online is an online ordering platform available around Gloucestershire for all your foodie needs. We have created Relish Online so that the public can indulge in any of our Platters, Buffets, Cakes & Sweet Treats from the enjoyment of their home.

The easy ordering system lets you decide whether you would like to pick it up or have it delivered. The site contains all the cakes that you enjoy from any one of the Relish Group Venues along with Vouchers that you can buy for friends and family.

The website is perfect for ordering off when you have a small gathering coming up and are after a delightful selection of food but don’t want to put the effort in of cooking. Alternatively, you can order a birthday cake that you know everyone will love as you have eaten it before in Jack’s Cafe.

This is just the start! There are plenty more options to be added at a later date. Check it out!


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