Match Made in Heaven

Beetroot Spaghetti with Brazil Nut Pesto and Goat’s Cheese

For any of you who own a spiralizer then this is a great summer salad dish for you! When the sun breaks through the clouds we are the first to whack the BBQ out, so it’s always great to have some recipe inspirations to hand that will tickle your taste buds. This vibrant number is not only nutritional with beetroots antioxidants, but its vibrant in colour and gluten free!

We all know that goats cheese and beetroot are a match made in heaven so why not try this recipe out with some delicious BBQ herby chicken or some smoked paprika half aubergines on a perfect summer evening.


Serves 4

For the Spaghetti:

  • 4 large beetroots, spiralized
  • 200g (2 cups) goat’s cheese, crumbled

For the Pesto:

  • 10 brazil nuts
  • 100g (4 cups) fresh basil
  • 50g (2 cups) watercress leaves and stalks
  • 1 large garlic clove
  • 9 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • Salt and black pepper
  • A pinch of cayenne (optional)


How To:

  1. Wash the beetroots, top and tail and then spiralize each one using the small noodle blade.  Snip long strands into shorter lengths for easier eating.
  2. Saute or steam in a pan with a few tablespoons of water until just tender. Set aside
  3. Blitz the brazil nuts, basil, watercress garlic, olive oil and lemon juice in a food processor. Season with salt, pepper and chilli (if using) to taste.
  4. Fold the pesto through the spiralized beetroot. Scatter over the goat’s cheese and serve with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of chilli flakes or a grind of black pepper if you like.


  • This recipe uses a spiralizer to get those all important noodle shapes – if you don’t have one then julienning or using a vegetable peeler to create ‘pasta’ can be a little messy and time consuming. Instead cut the beetroot into chunks and roast in butter, ghee or animal fats until tender then drizzle over the pesto and scatter with the goat’s cheese
  • For a dairy-free version replace the goat’s cheese with a generous sprinkle of toasted pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and extra brazil nuts and for nut free simply leave out the brazil nuts from the pesto.

By, Hemsley and Hemsley

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