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Cheltenham has in the past couple of years opened up into this big foodie destination, with independent businesses popping up all over the place. It is not hard to find out where to start on your foodie trail with an array of local bloggers posting about where’s worth a visit, what to expect from your visit and what you should order.

We are all huge foodies at Relish and the benefits of us being located in Cirencester means we are only a stone’s throw away from Cheltenham where we can venture on our rare days off. To start our day right we would pop into the Boston Tea Party down on Clarence Street, where you will find a quaint café with an array of homemade delicious cakes and pastries to treat yourself to – along with some delicious offerings on the menu.

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From Pancakes to Eggs and Avocado, Chorizo Hash, or lighter options of Spelt Granola with Banana, Brown Rice Porridge or even The Boss – you will not be struggling for choice! To accompany your brekkie you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee which is sourced in Bristol from Extract Coffee or even a freshly squeezed OJ. The great news is there isn’t just one…. there are 20 of them dotted around the South West! – but this is far from your expectations of a chain!

If you are still hungry and on the hunt for something super tasty then just down the road you will find not only a Masterchef but an experience you will not forget at Koj Cheltenham – you can indulge yourself in some yummy Ramen, Pokedon and Hirata Buns!


The intimate dining area has a trendy feel with a feature wall of famous Japanese brands. The open kitchen design sends smells of the famous KFC (Koj Fried Chicken). Make sure you order the KFC and as many Hirata Buns you can fit in at just £4 to £6 each they are delicious! The really special treat here is the little bar upstairs which serves the most delectable cocktails, which you are guaranteed to have never tasted before with sweet and sour flavours influenced from japan.

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Now you have wet your whistle why not skip down the road to The Bottle of Sauce on Ambrose Street to carry on your cocktail drinking in a relaxed social dining area. The brand new joint opened last September by a pair of local Oxford boys who set up The Dodo Pub Company – flying the nest of Oxford where they also have two pubs already well established, they have now ventured to Cheltenham to start pursuing the South West foodie corner.



The interior design is enough to be impressed by with their rustic bar area offering an array of high tables and comfy snug corners, to their canteen which shows off ‘The Dodo Pub’ kitchen team working hard with their BFF ‘Big Burtha’ the beloved pizza oven. From the canteen, there is an outdoor area, a games room with a ping pong and football table and the private ‘Bottle room’.

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The BOS offers a selection of finger licking dishes. Our ultimate favourites to order have to be… The Truffle Fungi – this is a white based pizza with basil, portobello mushrooms, sorrel, grated parmesan and local Cotswold Gold Truffle Oil, even before it arrives at the table you can smell it arriving! The spicy ‘Angry wings’ with a scotch bonnet sauce and the cheese and truffle fries – we like truffle!


If you fancy hanging out in more of a contemporary British setting then make your way to the grand Georgian town house No 131, just off Montpellier Gardens –  this beautiful building offers many different treats including some of the best cocktail masters in town! Heading downstairs to the mini underground bar ‘Crazy Eight’s’ which portrays a classic sexy atmosphere with very smart bartenders. You will soon realise once being in the building for less than five mins that it seems huge with lots of hidden areas to while away your evening and yes, there is a lot more to see here.

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