Top 5 Places to Eat in London Town

I was keen to pick the brains of the Relish team to find out what their favourite foodie joints were in London and quite quickly the discussion brought out an array of new surprises and restaurants which some of us hadn’t yet visited or even heard of – shock horror! And of course, talking about food made us all very hungry and we found ourselves joking about just packing in the day of work and catching the next bus to London!

Instead, we resorted to asking the chefs to put us together a yummy lunch to feed our taste buds, which helped me to crack on with the research! I can definitely say after chatting to several members of the team, there are a few places which I can add to the research list…

No.1 – Bubble Dog – Did someone say hot dogs and bubbles..?

I think we would all agree this is a simple business model, but actually one of the cleverest – who doesn’t like to eat a good sausage with some cold fresh bubbles! This quirky industrial styled small restaurant has carefully sourced, the champagne and wine from independent growers, their toppings are all handmade from scratch using the freshest ingredients, the buns are hand rolled and baked fresh every day and not only this, their sausages are handcrafted by their very own butcher following their own unique recipe.


When entering the 19 seater restaurant you get an instant hit of meat, buffalo sauce and truffle mayo which you can accompany with some naughty tots of tater, togarashi and the tots get sloppy – which just sounds amazing! The owner’s Sandia Chang and her husband James Knappett who was previously the head chef at Marcus Wareing at The Berkley, after working for four years at Per Se and Noma, have achieved a Michelin star at James Kitchen Table at the back of the restaurant!

Not only do we think the product is pretty cool, but the Bubble Dog ‘Dawg’ is a bit of an icon himself representing the brand in style – make sure you follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with news!

No.2 – The Barbary – Covent Garden

If you are looking for somewhere a bit smarter, then this little number brings exquisite modern Jerusalem feasting, tucked away in Neal’s Yard. Opened by The Palomar, as their second site, The Barbary offers lots of little dishes which makes it very easy to sample the whole menu.


This is one of those places where you need to order as you go, and not purchase the everything because you have restrained yourself all week at the anticipation of your visit! The small horseshoe-shaped restaurant offers high stools overlooking an open gallery kitchen, where the chefs are busy cooking up freshly prepared dishes over an open flamed grill.

The Barbary menu reflects the countries from the Atlantic coast through to the Mediterranean Sea, leading into Israel. The Jerusalem bagel stands out from the crowd as one of those items on the menu you must try just to see what a funny shaped bagel tastes like – its crunchy and chewy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – Yum!

If you are a bit of a foodie, we would definitely recommend a visit to The Barbary, even if it’s to take snazzy food shots for your social media pages!

No.3 – Is the ever amazing Dinerama – Street Feast

Dinerama is what I would call a social dining experience – where you can hang out in a trendy East London space with a variety of different stylish pop up food stalls and selection of trendy beer brands.

Luckily for me one of the pop up stalls ‘Fundi’ were created and launched in Oxford, where I used to live and eat my body weight in their yummy Neapolitan style pizzas at their pop up custom-built wood-fired pizza oven at the back of The Library Pub on Cowley Road. The owners Rory and Charlie Nelson started their business by building their very own wood-fired pizza oven from scratch and the brand logo looks amazing on a cracked tile design on the walls of Dinerama.
Screen-Shot-2015-07-11-at-12.23.13    FUNDIPIZZA-LOTI

After running over to the Fundi stall to order a nostalgic slice, I discovered the bright lights of ‘Yum Bun’. What I found exciting about this pop-up was they actually are what they say on the label – these little pillowy, soft, Taiwanese steamed buns of love definitely lived up to their expectation – the sticky Hoi Sin Sauce with Slow Roast Pork Belly has to be the winner, accompanied by Cucumbers and Spring Onions it’s a must try – their website is also pretty cool!


No.4 – St. John

I think I would be told off if I didn’t mention St. John, even though he seems to have taken over the world of Nose to Tail eating, you can always guarantee to go to any of the St. John restaurants and always try something new or unexpected. Not only do they offer delicious feasts, but they also have their very own medieval winery with a selection of different wines with a very trendy wine label. I think any Rose drinker would agree their Rose is one of the best out there specially when its accompanied by their delicious small dishes at their Bread & Wine establishment in Spitalfields – I would recommend a glass of the CORAIL 2016, Château de Roquefort, Provence!

SICSJC08_St_John_Claret_2008_1024x1024     magnum

Nose to Tail Feasting at The Lucky Onion Group.


No.5 – Bleecker Burger – I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the BLEECKER..

So, a friend of mine recommended Bleecker burger a few years ago and his exact description was ‘it’s like the meat is so succulent it just melts in your mouth’ this obviously made me wonder who is the magic hands behind this intriguing burger. He was right, I spent the whole time quoting ‘omg omg… this is amazing’ it is no wonder they have won the London Burger Bash with their Bleecker Black – a double cheeseburger with beef black pudding – yes you heard it right! Apparently, the secret is they buy pasture-fed beef from small farms in the UK, I do feel there must be another secret to their amazing beef patties.

Not only is their burger made by angels but you will also discover ‘Angry Fries’, which is a must order… no excuses! These fries are accompanied by a blue cheese sauce and hot sauce on top, which is a seriously delicious mix.

Picture1.pngaa        bleeckerburger3

Keep in the loop and next month we will be back discussing the best places to eat in Cheltenham!



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