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Over the past few months, I have gained marketing experience with Relish Catering and Events. As a University student, work experience is often dreaded, however I can happily say my experience at Relish has been far from this expectation. Combining my experience with event catering, passion for food and desire to learn more about marketing, this role couldn’t have been more perfect for what I wanted to achieve with my placement.

I first met the Relish team at a networking event run by the Growth Hub at Gloucestershire University. Immediately, I was fascinated by their portfolio, and of course their free cake samples! I knew this would be an experience which I would really enjoy, whilst enabling me to gain behind the scenes knowledge about the catering industry – this was an offer I could not refuse!

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The head office is based in an appealing town which reminds me of a quaint place back home in Wales. But let’s not be fooled here, Relish HQ is very unlike its peaceful surroundings. Within what appears to be a relatively small space, the catering team work wonders creating delectable bites for every occasion. From weddings, to corporate events and everything in between, truly innovative menus and tasters are created matching the latest culinary trends with flair. The talented team will meticulously plan and manage any event, constructing a fully equipped kitchen and cooking a 3 course tasting menus in the middle of a green-field site as well as designing a bespoke wedding menu for the perfect mouthful on the Bride and Groom’s big day. The prestige of the events which the team are currently working towards, including Badminton Horse Trials,  Hay Festival and The Game Fair, are a reflection of the high standards that the team operate with.


The office is where the real cogs are turning, this is where I have been assisting the Marketing Manager. During this time, I’ve learnt the sheer extent of planning required for their events even in what they refer to as ‘the quiet season’. If you aren’t aware, ‘the quiet season’ doesn’t exist in the world of catering, marketing for the company has not stopped with social media and email campaigns, copywriting, seasonal events, print advertising and much more, which has led to great customer engagement. The website and social media platforms have also undergone a revamp to bring almost 20 years of success up to date and whilst all this has been happening the preparations for ‘the busy season’ are underway. This means meticulous planning for every element including designing sample menus, planning the perfect layout and attracting quality staff, there’s never a dull moment at Relish.

In the short time I’ve been here, I have only experienced a tiny section of the overall work completed. Despite this, the high standards and passion the team have to create the perfect event regardless of the clientele has shone through distinctively. The experience has shown that true talent can be found even in the smallest of places, including a little town in the Cotswolds.

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