Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton horse trials finally kicked off on Thursday the 4th of May and after weeks of preparation we finally opened up our doors to the crowds of 150,000. For the majority of the weekend, the sun was shining minus a few rainy showers, but the grass sufficed and we made it through a hectically busy four days.

During the four days, Relish catering ran over 5 different locations on the grounds of Badminton, serving the owners and riders, bar tending for the thousands at the Pig and Whistle, serving the members of the event, secretaries and a deli open to all welcome.

The member’s area was by far the most popular and busiest area of Badminton for Relish, serving over…. people. Situated just off from the main arena there was a great deal of energy in the tent all through the weekend.

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Throughout the weekend we were lucky enough to feature a bottle green bar covered with floral decorations where we served the most delightful cocktails and Pimm’s. With the sun shining, our drinks bar was raving and everyone was enjoying the hit of the weekend – Gin Collins mixed with the customer’s choice of Bottlegreen (ranging in 5 different flavours).

Bottle Green Bar






The member’s area was flowing with customers all weekend coming to try the delights of our Relish food. With the choice of salads, jacket potatoes and soup or a three-course meal, we managed to cater to everyone’s needs.

On the Sunday, we had the pleasure of serving Cotswold Wagyu beef, which was a hit for all you members enjoying your roast.

Alongside the member’s area, Relish also catered for the general public with a great selection to offer. The deli was filled with Baz and Fred Pizza, Our Wrap Shack, A Salad Shack, Dolcetti Ice Cream and a bar. This area was heaving all weekend with happy customers who enjoyed free cake at one point and delicious other snacks.

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The Pig and Whistle was another of our Relish locations, which was absolutely heaving from 1 o’clock in the afternoon for Pimms and pints until 1 o’clock in the morning. On Friday and Saturday night our band “ Funkty Dumpty” played some incredible sets which got everyone involved with the great spirit. In the same tent, we also had a Castelnau Champagne bar, which was a hit for those of the visitors enjoying the sun whilst sharing their fair share of bubbly.

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Throughout the weekend we launched a daily competition, there were some great prizes to be won including a box of wagyu beef, a jug of pimms and tea with cake. Thank-you to you all who were involved with these competitions and we are glad we could have congratulated you with such prizes. These are a few of our winners.

Pimms Winners

Tea & Cake winner





Overall, the weekend was a great success, with over 150,000 exhibitors we saw a lot of new and some familiar faces, but we enjoyed every second of it. For those of you who didn’t manage to join us this year, next year will be fast approaching and we would love to see you there. We’d like to thank our contributors to the event including Bottlegreen, Dolcetti Ice Creams, Cotswold Wagyu, Castelnau Champagne alongside Baz and Fred Pizza. What a great team effort.

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